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Who is Fleet Source?

Over time we have aligned ourselves closely with Transport for London and drawn on some of the most successful transport management experiences, and changed our focus towards solely delivering training, for a multitude of fleet needs. Our ethos is based on the principles and fleet management methodology used by some of the very best transport operators and it is this that has made Fleet Source a prime choice for providing an unrivalled training portfolio for the road transport industry.

We were extremely proud in 2015 when we were appointed as part of the FORS Community Partnership to deliver the approved training and accreditation audits for the award-winning scheme nationwide. As an approved training supplier for Transport for London, delivering Van Smart, Safe Urban Driving, Staying Legal and Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) courses, this has further cemented our reputation for delivering accredited courses to all types of transport operations.

In fact, we are the only training company to deliver both Safe Urban Driving and WRRR courses across the UK, and our WRRR course was the first course to be approved by CLOCS Champions.

We are proud to be the largest provider of Safe Urban Driving in the UK and we deliver the course nationwide at over 70 locations.

If your business operates road transport of any kind

Fleet Source can help


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